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RIECH (Red de Investigadores en Educación Chilena) is pleased to announce the webinar for researchers and Ph.D. Students in Education entitled: The becoming of data: representations, assumptions, and effects. This webinar is going to be undertaken in cooperation with the World Education Research Association (WERA). Our general purpose is to promote reflections on the practical and political implications associated with the most common research epistemologies and ontologies within the educational field.

This webinar will be performed entirely in Spanish, organized in three sessions that will take place on October 24th and 30th and November 7th between 12 and 2 pm (CLT). Latin American academics and PhD. students in Education at Chilean universities will have the role of session discussants.

Registrations here


First session: October 24th. 2019

Alejandra Falabella. Ph.D in Sociology of Education from the Institute of Education at the University of London. She is an Academic at the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado and a researcher at the Center for Research and Development of Education. Her research interests focus on: accountability policies and their impact on schools; school culture, micro-politics, and injustice practices in school; and des/regulations in Higher Education.

Soledad Véliz. Doctoral candidate in Education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her doctoral research focuses on the production of cartography of literary encounters, which involves album books about death to draw the trajectories through which they come and are produced: readers, mediators of reading experiences and books. She currently works in projects of the Biosociocultural Inclusion research line of the Center for Educational Justice (CJE UC).

Natalia Hirmas. Doctoral candidate in Education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She obtained a Master in Cultural Studies in the Universidad de Arte y Ciencias Sociales – ARCIS. Her research interests: Postcolonial studies, Special Education, Interculturality from Actor-Red theory approach. She currently works in projects of the Biosociocultural Inclusion research line of the Center for Educational Justice (CJE UC).

Second session: October 30th. 2019

Silvia Grinberg. Dr. in Education and Master in Social Sciences. She is a Professor, Researcher and Head of the Laboratory of Research in Human Science, CONICET, and currently works at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina. Her research focuses on the inequality that can be observed and the articulation between school, subjects, and territory. She has worked in neighborhoods and schools located in contexts of extreme urban poverty and environmental degradation. She has a vast experience in producing audiovisual material as a research tool.

Marta Infante. Ph.D in Special Education, University of Missouri-Columbia. Associate Professor, Head of Department of Learning and Development at the Faculty of Education in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her areas of interest are Disability Studies, Learning Difficulties, Diversity, and Educational Inclusion. She uses audiovisual production as a tool of research and experiments with new ways of researching in Education from the New Materialisms approach.

Third session: November 7th. 2019

Natalia Ávila. Ph.D in Education specialized in Language, Literacy and Written Composition. She obtained her Master’s degree and her Doctorate in Education at the University of California in 2017. She is interested in Didactic of Writing at different stages of schooling with a particular emphasis in Higher Education. Currently, she works as the Director of the Doctoral Program in Education of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Since 2007 she has worked in the development of pioneering academic writing initiatives in the country.

Andrea Lira. Master in Computer Science, Communication and Technology in Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Teaching also at Columbia University. Her research topics include decolonization, schooling, and curriculum. Her thesis further explains the places of initial teacher training in different intercultural contexts.

Carla Varela. Doctoral candidate in Education from the collaborative program of the Universidad Diego Portales – and the Universidad Alberto Hurtado. She has worked as a researcher in studies of pedagogical practices, specifically on the interactions in classrooms and their impact on student achievements. She is leading the team that designs, implements, and evaluates future visits to Preschool Education institutions, within the Education Quality Agency of Chile.

Iría Retuerto. She studied Anthropology of America at the Free University of Berlin and a Master in Education at the Universidad Academia del Humanismo Cristiano. Her research work, social interventions , and publications are related to children’s rights, theater, the reparatory processes of vulnerable adolescents and social research applied from the category of analysis of the performing arts.

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